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State of the Nation New Zealand: Report 6 Safety in numbers: crime concern at new low

Base: New Zealand Population 14+. Source: Roy Morgan Research; 12 month moving average.

Fewer New Zealanders believe crime is a growing problem, Roy Morgan’s latest State of the Nation report shows.

While the majority (59.2%) of New Zealanders aged 14+ still report that ‘crime is a growing problem in my community’, the number has dropped for the fourth consecutive year.

The proportion who feels ‘less safe than I used to’ has also fallen, down from nearly one in two a decade ago to just over one in three today.

Only 2% believe ‘Crime/Law & Order’ is the major issue facing New Zealand.


Concern with Security

Base: New Zealand Population 14+  Source: Roy Morgan Research; 12 month moving average.

Crime statistics released by New Zealand Police in October show there has been a 10% reduction in recorded crime rates over the last three years.

The crime rate per head of population is now at its lowest level since the introduction of electronic records, police said.

However the research shows that levels of vigilance have remained high over the past 10 years. Around two-thirds of respondents say they are ’security conscious’.

Roy Morgan Research’s State of the Nation report examines long-term changes and trends in our attitudes toward society, technology, the economy, politics and the environment based on around 120,000 interviews. These are just a few of the thousands of revealing findings.

Pip Elliott, General Manager, Roy Morgan Research NZ, says:

“Despite the decline in crime rates, the majority of New Zealanders still believe that crime is a growing problem.

“If crime continues to decrease, however, we may see the proportion of people who believe crime is growing become the minority within two or three years.”