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Roy Morgan State of the Nation 25 - Focus on Financial Risks

State of the Nation 25: Spotlight on Financial Risk

Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine this week presented the latest State of the Nation Report in Melbourne and Sydney, with a special Spotlight on Financial Risk including Mortgage debt & stress, Income risks and the adequacy of retirement funding.
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Melbourne Rare Book Week: Penguin and the Lane Brothers - Wednesday July 20, 2016 - Morgans at 401

Melbourne Rare Book Week: Penguin and the Lane Brothers - Wednesday July 20, 2016 - Morgans at 401

Stuart Kells recounts the story of how he came to write the book Penguin and the Lane Brothers: The Untold Story of a Publishing Revolution and to co-edit Richard Lane's Barwell Diaries. An intimate partnership of three brothers Allen, Richard and John Lane lay at the heart of Penguin Books, the twentieth century's greatest publishing house.
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Melbourne Rare Book Week: The Battle of Books - The RUSIV's Fromelles Collections - Monday July 18, 2016

Melbourne Rare Book Week: The Battle of Books - The Rusiv's Fromelles Collection - Monday July 18, 2016 - Morgans at 401

This talk surveys the extensive holdings of the 126-year-old RUSIV Library that relate to the battle. Though Fromelles was a one-night battle, the debates that rage about it have generated a large published and unpublished literature in book and ephemeral forms. Our holdings date from 1919 to the present. There are battle and unit histories, biographies of the commanders, plays, juvenile accounts, fiction, archival research reports, photos, battlefield guides, commemorative programs and many more. Jonathan will assess the historical value of each item in the collection, with them available for viewing after the talk.
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Melbourne Rare Book Week: A Highland Jaunt in the Footsteps of Johnson - Saturday July 16, 2016 at Tonic House

Melbourne Rare Book Week: A Highland Jaunt in the Footsteps of Johnson - Saturday July 16, 2016 - Tonic House (Ground Floor)

On August 18 1773 Samuel Johnson and James Boswell set off on their travels to the Highlands and the Western Isles of Scotland. It was to become one of the most celebrated journeys of the 18th century. Both men published books about their travels which became 'best sellers' and which are still in print today. Exactly 242 years after Johnson arrived in Edinburgh John Byrne commenced his own Highland jaunt. He will tell of his journey as he followed in the footsteps of these heroes of literature, discovering links to their travels along the way.
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Melbourne Rare Book Week - Books from a Turbulent Time

Melbourne Rare Book Week: Books from a Turbulent Time - Friday July 15, 2016 - Morgans at 401

The single greatest bequest of rare books came to the State Library Victoria in 2015. Three members of the History of the Book department will share with us their insights into the John Emmerson Collection, and discuss choice items from this extraordinary donation of 17th and 18th century material. RSVP Tuesday 12 July.
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