Two Party Preferred

ALP 48.5% down 1.2%
L-NP 51.5% up 1.2%
Federal Election - May 18, 2019

Voting Intention

ALP 33.3
L-NP 41.4
Greens 10.4
Ind 14.9
Federal Election - May 18, 2019

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence (Weekly - Apr 4/5, 2020)

71.9 +6.6

Unemployment (Monthly - Late March 2020)

16.8 +9.5

Business Confidence (Monthly - March 2020)

95.1 -9.5

Inflation Expectations (Monthly - February 2020)

4 +0.1

Latest Morgan Poll Releases

Honest, genuine and community-minded leaders focused on the public interest score highest for Trust

A special Roy Morgan survey on ‘Trust’ and ‘Distrust’ of government and business leaders conducted in March shows being honest and genuine is the most valued trait for leaders with a high level of Trust. This trait was mentioned by over a quarter (27%) of respondents in relation to political leaders and even more, 30%, for business leaders according to the survey of 974 Australians aged 14+.

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A special Roy Morgan survey on ‘Trust’ and ‘Distrust’ of government leaders shows New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern scores the highest ‘Net Trust Score’ of all – meaning the ‘Trust’ felt toward the New Zealand leader far outweighs the ‘Distrust’ – according to a special Roy Morgan Snap SMS Survey of 974 Australians aged 14+ conducted over the last two days.

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Government Confidence jumps after L-NP win Election

Roy Morgan’s Government Confidence Rating has jumped by by 11.5pts to 104.5 following the L-NP’s victory at the Federal Election in mid-May. Now 43.5% of electors say the country is heading in the ‘right direction’ and 39% say the ‘wrong direction’.

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Federal 2 Party Vote

Federal Election - May 18, 2019. Party

Confidence Ratings

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