Two Party Preferred

ALP 52.5% down 3%
L-NP 47.5% up 3%
Morgan Poll - February 16/17, 2019

Voting Intention

ALP 34.5
L-NP 37
Greens 11.5
Ind 17
Morgan Poll - February 16/17, 2019

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence (Weekly - Mar. 16/17, 2019)

111.9 +2.4

Unemployment (Monthly - Feb. 2019)

9.6 +0.4

Business Confidence (Monthly - February 2019)

105.6 -0.3

Inflation Expectations (Monthly - January 2019)

4.2 +0

Latest Morgan Poll Releases

Jokowi set for comfortable victory in April Presidential Election

Indonesian President Jokowi is set for a comfortable re-election in April’s Presidential Election. Jokowi has the support of 58% of Indonesian electors in January, up 5% from the 2014 Indonesian Presidential Election, and well ahead of opponent Prabowo Subianto on 42%, down 5%, according to the latest Roy Morgan Poll on the Indonesian Presidency conducted in January 2019 with 1,039 Indonesian electors aged 17+.

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Government Confidence virtually unchanged after Medevac Bill

Two Roy Morgan Polls conducted in the fortnight before and fortnight after the passage of the controversial Medevac Bill for asylum seekers through Federal Parliament on February 12 show the bill had virtually no impact on overall Government Confidence although there were significant shifts in sentiment when analysing sentiment for different demographics.

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ALP Government set to be re-elected with increased majority

Today’s special SMS Morgan Poll on the eve of the Victorian election shows Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is set to be re-elected with an increased majority of the vote following a record high turnout of Victorian voting before election day.

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‘Break bail, go to jail’ – 82% of Victorians agree with Matthew Guy

It's official an overwhelming majority of Victorian electors (82%) say people charged with a criminal offence who are given bail who then break a bail condition should be immediately sent to jail according to a special SMS Morgan Poll conducted today (Thursday) on the eve of this week’s Victorian State Election.

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Federal 2 Party Vote

Morgan Poll - February 16/17, 2019. 851 electors Party

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