Two Party Preferred

ALP 54% up 3.5%
L-NP 46% down 3.5%
Morgan Poll - August 25/26, 2018

Voting Intention

ALP 36
L-NP 36.5
Greens 13
Ind 14.5
Morgan Poll - August 25/26, 2018

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence

116.2 -1.5


11 +1

Business Confidence

110.2 -3.4

Inflation Expectations

4.5 +0.2

Latest Morgan Poll Releases

Liberal leadership fight boosts ALP support, but ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence up after leadership resolved

The latest Morgan Poll shows Federal support for the L-NP down 3.5% to 46% following a week of leadership upheaval for the Federal Liberal Party boosting ALP support by 3.5% to 54% on a two-party preferred basis according to interviewing conducted on the weekend of August 25/26, 2018 with 821 electors.

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Julie Bishop easily preferred to Bill Shorten as PM, virtual dead-heat between Morrison & Shorten while Shorten leads Dutton clearly

A special Snap SMS Morgan Poll conducted with a cross-section of more than 2,000 Australian electors today (Thursday August 23) shows Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop has easily the strongest performance against Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in a head-to-head matchup while fellow leadership aspirant Scott Morrison is in a virtual ‘dead-heat’ with Shorten.

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Australians give their views on the next Government - no matter who the PM is

Australians have given their views on the next Federal Government after the next Federal Election – whether that be an ALP or L-NP Government. Australians worried about Government’s instability, favouritism towards big business and climate change if an L-NP Government is re-elected. Concerns if the ALP is elected to Government centre on union influence, poor economic management and policies on immigration and refugees.

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Snap Morgan Poll shows electors prefer Turnbull to Shorten but Shorten preferred to Dutton

A special Snap SMS Morgan Poll conducted with a cross-section of more than 1,250 Australian electors today (Wednesday August 22) shows PM Malcolm Turnbull (52%) is seen as the Better PM compared to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (44.5%) while a further 3.5% can’t say. Removing the ‘can’t say’ responses shows Turnbull (54%) cf. Shorten (46%). However, Bill Shorten (59%) is clearly seen as the Better PM compared to Liberal Party leadership challenger Peter Dutton (36.5%) while a further 4.5% can’t say. Removing the ‘can’t say’ responses shows Shorten (62%) cf. Dutton (38%).

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Federal 2 Party Vote

Morgan Poll - August 25/26, 2018. 821 electors Party

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