Family Pathways

Family Pathways: Survey of Recently Separated Parents 2014 involves parents who separated since July 2012, talking about their experiences before, during and after separation. The study aims to identify opportunities for improving support for children and their families after separation and how the support mechanisms have changed for parents since July 2012.

The project is managed by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) on behalf of the Australian Government Attorney General’s Department. Roy Morgan Research has been commissioned to conduct the fieldwork for this project which consists of 6,000 Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI). Interviews are being conducted via telephone with separated parents in May-June 2014 and August-September 2014. This project was also conducted by Roy Morgan Research in 2012 on behalf of AIFS.

The Survey of Recently Separated Parents aims to uncover:

  • How do families manage parenting after separation?
  • How are children’s arrangements negotiated?
  • What are the changes and challenges in life following family breakdown?
  • What are the parents’ experiences of the family law system?
  • How effective is the family law system in assisting parents to handle the challenges they confront?

Information gathered from participants in the survey will be analysed at a group level, meaning no responses to questions will be able to identify participants in any way. Results from the research will be provided in a report to the Attorney General’s Department by AIFS and will be used to inform policy directions to help improve the separation experiences and outcomes for parents and children.

More information on the project can be provided:

In line with Roy Morgan’s Privacy Policy, no identifiable information is released to AIFS, or any other government department or agency. Respondent information is stringently protected at every stage of the research process.