Donation Deflation: Australian trends in charity

Donation Deflation: Australian trends in charity

Market Research : Finding No: 7601

Australians are historically renowned for helping their mates, and when it came to donations to charity this had still rung true. However, Roy Morgan has explored the trends and patterns of Australian donations to charity and have discovered a worrying trend; the proportion of Australians who donate annually has fallen, and the quantity donated has stagnated.

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More girls save money but boys receive more

Market Research : Finding No: 7596

Nearly 77% of kids aged 6-13 have money saved up, new research from Roy Morgan reveals. 79% of girls have savings, compared to 75% of boys. However, boys on average have an extra $11 saved compared to girls.

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Millennials dominate mortgage broker market

Millennials dominate mortgage broker market

Market Research : Finding No: 7594

New research from Roy Morgan shows that in the 12 months to March 2018 nearly half (48.6%) of the existing home borrowers who used a mortgage broker over the last five years to obtain their current loan were Millennials. This was well above the share of any other generation.

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Millennials and Gen Z greatest growth potential for general insurance

: Finding No: 7591

New research from Roy Morgan shows that in the 12 months to March 2018, Millennials and Gen Z offer the greatest growth potential for general insurance. These two youngest generations currently have much lower incidence of general insurance than the older groups but offer the greatest potential as they get older and their insurance needs grow.

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Over 250,000 didn't renew private health insurance

Market Research : Finding No: 7590

New research from Roy Morgan shows that in the year to March 2018, an estimated 256,000 people decided not to renew their private health insurance. This was an increase from the same period in 2017 when it was 182,000, making it the highest number for the last five years.

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Top 20 sports led by walking, swimming and gym training

Roy Morgan - Top 20 Sports 2017

Market Research : Finding No: 7592

Walking for exercise is the most popular sport or activity which Australians regularly participate in. Nearly half of adult Australians, or 47.9%, regularly go for a vigorous stroll. This is an increase of 2.6ppts, or around 800,000 participants, since 2014.

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Young Women the Queens of social media in Australia

Social Media Preferences - March 2018

Market Research : Finding No: 7584

Social media has taken the world by storm over the past decade and a half led by the likes of Facebook (founded in 2004), Twitter (2006), Google+ (2011), Instagram (2010), LinkedIn (2003), YouTube (2005), WhatsApp (2009) and Tumblr (2007). All eight of these leading social media networks claim well over 100 million monthly active users.

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Satisfaction with New Zealand banks improves

Satisfaction with New Zealand banks improves

Economic : Finding No: 7585

The latest results from Roy Morgan show that in the year to March 2018, overall consumer satisfaction with banks in New Zealand was 78.1%, an increase from 77.1% in the previous year. The increase was driven by improvement in customer satisfaction levels among three of the nine major banks, with BNZ up 3.5% points, Westpac up 2.6% points and ANZ up 1.9% points.

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Over 15 million Australians read magazines across print and online

Media : Finding No: 7589

A total of 15,007,000 Australians aged 14+ (74.3 per cent) read magazines whether in print or online either via the web or an app, down 0.3 per cent, or 45,000, from a year ago according to the results released today from the Roy Morgan Australian Readership report for the 12 months to March 2018.

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The rise of the female breadwinner

March 06 2017

With International Women's Day almost upon us, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that more women than ever are their household’s main income earner.

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Woolworths increases lead in $100b+ grocery war

March 23 2018

The latest results from Roy Morgan show that in the 12 months to December 2017, Woolworths has 32.2% of the total grocery market (including fresh food), an increase of 0.8% points over the 2016 result. The Coles Group achieved 28.8% share, up by o...

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Satisfaction with banks down marginally in February

March 29 2018

New results from Roy Morgan show that customer satisfaction with banks in the six months to February 2018 was 81.0%, down marginally from 81.2% in January. This level still represents a positive result when seen in the context of the long term mon...

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